2019 Dragon Boat Festival Schedule

  • 8:30am: ?Eye Dotting Ceremony performed by Chris Young of Steel Dragon Kung Fu

  • 9:00am-3:00pm: Dragon Boat Racing
    • 9:10am, Race 1: Pittsburgh Paddlefish, Asian Persuasian, Seneca Valley Hockey
    • 9:25am, Race 2: Meticulous Paddlers, North Allegheny Varsity Hockey Team, Save the Knockers
    • 9:40am, Race 3: Nips Ahoy, Pitt Global, STK Boat Rockers
    • 9:55am, Race 4: Cleveland Dragons, GoPink!DC, Open Lane
    • 10:10am, Race 5: PNC River Dragons, Team Pink, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
    • 10:25am, Race 6: Bra Wars/AHN, Pine Richland Hockey, Kentucky ThoroughBreast
    • 10:40am, Race 7: Pitt Global, Meticulous Paddlers, Asian Persuasian
    • 11:00am, Race 8: STK Boat Rockers, Pittsburgh Paddlefish, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
    • 11:30am, Race 9: Seneca Valley Hockey, Nips Ahoy, PNC River Dragons
    • 11:45am, Race 10: Save the Knockers, Pine Richland Hockey, Open Lane
    • 12:00pm, Race 11: Cleveland Dragons, Bra Wars/AHN, North Allegheny Varsity Hockey Team
    • 12:15pm, Race 12: Team Pink, Kentucky ThoroughBreast, GoPink!DC
    • 1:15pm, Race 13, Final D: 11th Best Time, 10th Best Time, Open Lane
    • 1:30pm, Race 14, Final C: 8th Best Time, 7th Best Time, 9th Best Time
    • 1:45pm, Race 15, Final B: 5th Best Time, 4th Best Time, 6th Best Time
    • 2:00pm, Race 17, Hockey - Grand Final: 2nd Best Time, Best Time, 3rd Best Time
    • 2:15pm, Race 18, Corporate - Grand Final: 2nd Best Time, Best Time, 3rd Best Time
    • 2:30pm, Race 19, Grand Final: 2nd Best Time, Best Time, 3rd Best Time
  • 10:30am: Activity tents and Food Tents Open

  • 12:00pm-1:30pm: Cultural Performances/Demos
  • 3:00pm: Festival Ends

Food Tents:

Vendor/Activity Tents: