About the Organizers

Hearts of Steel

Pittsburgh Hearts of Steel is a support group open to all Breast Cancer Survivors. We want to provide a place where Breast Cancer Survivors of all ages and physical abilities can gather to discuss and act to improve their overall sense of well-being. We do this through physical activity, communication, support, friendship, and giving back to our community. Although the physical benefits of dragon boat paddling are an important part of our organization, we all find the support, social and additional activities of the group just as fulfilling. We embrace all members no matter what activities you choose to participate in and encourage suggestions from all members.

OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates, Pittsburgh Chapter

OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates is a national membership-driven organziation of community advocates dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) in the United States.

To fulfill its mission, OCA has adapted the following goals to:
  • Advocate for social justice, equal opportunity and fair treatment
  • Promote civic participation, education, and leadership;
  • Advance coaltions and community building; and
  • Foster cultural heritage
Founded as the Organization of Chinese Americans in 1973, OCA has since grown to a robust national advocacy organization to advance the civil rights of Asian Pacific Americans and aspiring Americans. The organization presently has over 100 chapters, affiliates, and partners, impacting more than 35,000 individuals all across the country through local and national programming. While the organization's headquarters remain in Washington, DC, allowing OCA to directly engage in critical public policy issues on a macro level, it continues to largely remain as a grassroots constituency of lay advocates from all walks of life and diverse ethnic identities addressing uniquely local level issues impacting over 19 million Asian Pacific Americans across the country.

OCA takes no collective position on the politics of any foreign country, but instead focuses on the welfare and civil rights of Asian Pacific Americans.

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP) is an association of individuals, corporations, and organizations in the state of Pennsylvania and its surrounding regions that was established in 1986. Its purpose is to promote understanding and enlightened relations between the United States and Japan.

The Society provides informative and innovative programming in order to encourage a better understanding of the business, cultural, social, educational, and political practices and customs of Japan and the United States.

JASP members gain access to business, educational, cultural, and social programs focusing on U.S.- Japan relations, which also provide opportunities for developing personal relationships with members of both the Japanese and American communities. Membership is extended to individuals, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Please see the Membership page for more information and to join.

The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania is part of a global network that seeks to promote good will in the growing and evolving relationship between the peoples of the United States and Japan through local business, cultural, and educational outreach.

The JASP logo, a calligraphic representation of Pittsburgh's three rivers with the city's skyline at its confluence, has been a convenient visual representation of our core mission: To serve as the go-to information source for and liaison between the Japanese and American business, cultural, and educational communities in the Western PA and tri-state area.